Here is just a short story of my life.

You know my friends. Let me tell you a short story  🙏

In 2007, I lived in London and I said to some of my friends, I'm gonna go back in a year, to Cambodia and become a Buddhist Monk. 

Most people didn't even really listen and those who were listening, just laughing at me and said yeah, yeah but, one year later, I was gone, back to Cambodia.

It took me two years studying with my Master,
'The Supreme Patriarch of Cambodia, Tep Vong', as his student.

I had not just to learn a lot more about Buddhism.
I had to learn Pali, one of the oldest language, which mostly only monks speaking and Khmer as well at the same time and many things more.

Everyone in Cambodia said, Ingo, your Master will never ordain you because, he never before ordained a foreigner but, two years later I became, The first foreign Buddhist Monk, who got ordained by the Supreme Patriarch in Cambodia and this my friends is something,
I AM totally proud of in my life.

My personal friends, who really know me, know. If I want something badly, I go for it and not just talking.

My message actually for you my friends is.

If you REALLY want something in your life, then damn do it, go for it.

Where there is a will, there's a way and if you don't try, you will never know and someday you may blame yourself, why haven't I.

I am thankful for every single day on this beautiful Earth.

My friends know what I went through in my life but, I NEVER GIVE UP anymore on anything I want to achieve in my life but, without rules, goals and big dreams,
you can't achieve your dreams.

Don't give a damn what other people think about you, it is YOUR life and Only You,
can change it . . . 3*Sadhu  🙏

After I became a Buddhist Monk, I started and succeeded My BIGGEST


Phnom Penh / Cambodia, to Angkor Wat

on My Feet.