About . . . me

Ingo Hoffmann ( Venerable Nanda )

Born: 1965 in East - Germany,

is for more than 30 years a qualified Master in Carpentry & Joinery.

Ingo also started one of his another career as a Field Paramedic in the
German Military.

After an honorable discharge in the 1990's, he started a new career as a
news cameraman, documenting UNITED NATIONS missions to Kosovo war zone.
He later joined 'REUTERS News Agency' and was active in Iraq and Afghanistan, providing news coverage from war zones.
Upon returning to Germany he shot coverage as a police reporter for 'AZ-Media',
'Objektiv-News', 'TV-Berlin', 'FAB', 'RTL' and some other TV stations for several years.
After he was very badly injured in Afghanistan he passed away for almost four minutes during the surgery, and the surgeons gave up on him, but for some reason,
he came back to life. 

After this death experience, his whole life changed and he turned his attention to the Arts and started producing and filming music videos, documentaries, and movies.
Ingo attended workshops in Germany, Los Angeles, and the UK and became an independent Steadicam Operator, and D.o.P. later opening his own company providing specialized Steadicam services with his own equipment.
However, overall these years something was always missing in his life and he finally changed his life completely in 2009 after his second wife passed away after a terrible long illness and became in 2011 the first official foreign
Cambodian Buddhist Monk ordained by

'The Supreme Patriarch' of Cambodia, 'Samdech Tep Vong'.
From then onwards he gave his entire devotion to the poorest, sick, and homeless street children of Cambodia.

In 2016 Ingo left the monkhood and got back to 'normal' life.

  1. Managing Director

My Certification as
Master in Joinery, Bench Joiner, Cabinet Maker, and Carpenter,
like my grandfather and great-grandfather were.

One of my other passions is Fitness and Mix Martial Art.